I took up golf at the age of 66. With lessons from three different pros, a lot of reading and a ton of work on the range, my handicap index got down to 18.7.

      Dealing with the pain of serious shoulder problems ruined my swing and my index shot up to 22+. Did not swing a club for almost one year - due to shoulder replacement surgery and ensuing recovery and therapy.

      Began taking lessons from Hatty Sept. 13'. After six months of Hatty's knowledgeable, patient and persistent instruction and encouragement, in March of this year, I began scoring consistently in the mid 80's and on March 31st, I shot 76 at Skylinks GC. With a string of 11 straight pars. My SCGA Index is currently 13.3.

      I'm now 72 years of age, and hopeful of shooting my age. I've had a couple of shots on par 3's come within inches of going in, and can now realistically see the possibility of a hole-in-one at some point.

      Hatty would be the first to say, that it's all a result of my hard work, and it has required that. But, without his guidance and instruction I'd still be hacking around in the 20+ hdcp. and not enjoying golf nearly as much as I do now.

                             Dave Parsons, Lakewood

      I was privileged to buy a set of 12 lessons from Hatty in Feb. 09'. He tremendously helped me move from an 8 hdcp. down to a 3. His instruction and understanding of the game are both phenomenal. He's always on time and prepared for the lesson. What I love most are the drills and follow-up steps he leaves you after the lesson. It was money well spent. Good Luck Hatty. Your student for life....

                                                                   Dirk, Long Beach

 Total Balance Player Development



Cypress, California

      Hatty is teaching me to "swing MY swing". By getting me to understand the basic fundamentals of an effective golf swing, then using the proper drills to incorporate those fundamentals into my character (body type, limitations, strengths, tendencies and even personality). His knowledge of the golf swing and all its parts and how my actions influence those parts to produce the right and even the outcome have been invaluable in my progress...

                                                                                          Keith Kimura, Gardena

A great teacher. He is very thorough and has great knowledge of the fundamentals. Lessons with him have been some of the most productive I have ever had. I highly recommend Hatty.

                 Mike Fellows, Huntington Beach

      I have been working with Craig Hatfield for the past seven months and my golf swing has improved tremendously. I'm hitting the ball straighter and farther than ever before. Most importantly, when I make a bad shot now, I can easily determine why and make the necessary adjustment on the next swing. He has taught me the basics of the mechanics of the golf swing and I have incorporated these into my game. His positive and very supportive attitude has helped me to keep my head right when things go wrong! Thanks Hatty...you're the best!

                       Mark Fronke, Long Beach

Total Balance Player Development was established in 1998. Operating in Southern California / counties of Orange & Los Angeles, it is a platform to develop players of all ability levels. Proven teaching methods will increase your knowledge, confidence and swing control.

Your program and experience is customized to meet your needs. Regardless of your golfing experience, you will receive a plan designed especially for you. A combination of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and hands-on training tools / techniques & drills will enable the student to understand and create a systematic game plan and verify improvement. Golf is like life..."it's a journey" and each and every student will be extended complete support through the process of achieving their goals.


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Make a Plan...Get the TOOLS...Have the SUPPORT

      Craig "Hatty" Hatfield is a genius. In just a few short lessons, he corrected a few of my bad habits and helped me understand key errors in my swing that I was frequently making. In no time, my scores have gone from the mid 90's to the low to mid 80's. More importantly to me is that I am pushing the "fun button" on a regular basis. I go back to see Hatty every now and then for a quick tune up. He is singularly responsible for saving my golf game. THANKS Hatty!!

                                 Frank M., Palos Verdes

      I have had the opportunity to work with Hatty on a couple of occasions when my golf swing went south and I just couldn't cure the problem on my own. In both cases after just a couple of sessions I was back on track delighted with the results. I have worked with multiple instructors over the years and none have surpassed the ability of Hatty to analyze my swing and make the adjustments necessary to allow me to enjoy the game again. His approach to teaching golf was enjoyable to me as we didn't spend hours re-inventing the wheel...we just worked on correcting the issues I was concerned about and I was able to go play golf.

                                  Mike Ashcroft, Lakewood

      I was in desperate need of some help as most aspects of my game had "gone south", so to speak. Craig quickly identified my main problem - I was getting stuck on my right side with virtually every club in my bag. He quickly got me headed in the right direction - no pun intended. I've got some work to do, but I'm definitely seeing progress as a results of my sessions with Craig.

                                      John Skogland, Bellflower

      Craig Hatfield took me from a self-conscious high 80's shooter to a competitive tournament player. He has the latest technology, but his strongest asset is a deep understanding of the swing and how it applies to golfers with vastly different capabilities. You cannot go wrong with Craig.

                          Chris Sandberg, Long Beach

      It doesn't matter how much a teaching pro knows if they can't deliver the message in a way the student can understand and implement it. I've found Hatty to exceptional in that regard.

      I was in my late 60's when we started on me. Why didn't I do it years earlier...I'd be a 4 handicap by now...

               Chuck Beauregard, Huntington Beach

      All I can say is "you are the best"

                              Greg Wood, Bellflower