Coaching / Instruction is the backbone of the golf industry. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting up the great game of golf, it is vital. Golf is not a game of destination; therefore the player will move from one plateau to another based on their level of skill acquired. Integrating education, technology and entertainment in teaching golf to all people is paramount.

    The process of Diagnosis, Explanation and Correctional- Development is consistent in building the FUNdamental foundation of Laws, Principals and Preferences. Golf is simply a game of cause and effect in all aspects and disciplines.

    The Cause; the body is the machine (mechanics / techniques) which conditions the instrument (club). The lower body is the platform; the core of the upper body is the rotator system; the arms are shapers; and the hands and wrist are connectors, loaders & unloaders.

    The Effect; is the flight of the golf ball in direction, shape and launch, related to a specific target. It is the NUMBER ONE concern (validation) and the body mechanics/techniques play a direct impact on the results.

    Properly fitted golf clubs are critical to the player and their development. Emphasis on length, weight, shaft flex, grip, loft and lie will enhance the player’s experience.

    Golf swings are as individual as people; therefore no two swings will be the same in relationship to path & plane. Emphasis on the player’s strength and weakness in course management.

I will strive to meet the player’s individual needs in all levels and dynamics. My instructional programs whether organized or private will be offered at a fair market price, in an environment that is conducive to learning and is fun, while conducted by only the highest trained  professional, with 34 years of experience. I utilize all tools and training aids to assist you, in making your golf experience better. Let me know how I can help you today!


 There are (3) major areas of focus that each player must ascertain to achieve a level of expected play. Whether you are a new player to the game or a seasoned professional the process is the same. Golf is a game of discipline (Laws, Principles & Preferences) and therefore a method of study, practice, procedures and rules must be established in order to achieve the player’s goals.

    First; the fundamentals are the foundation or building blocks in development or corrective measures. This is the most important dynamic and reserved for the practice grounds (practice with purpose). Acquiring the skills necessary to play the game is paramount (mechanics / techniques). I am grounded foremost in the body (cause). Development of the new player will be done from the ground up and from short to long. For the seasoned player who is experiencing difficulty in a particular aspect, an analysis will reveal what fundamental needs to be address. In both cases a systematic outlined plan will be provided, so that the player may obtain the knowledge necessary and gain the needed confidence. Every player’s needs are different and the process will be supported by positive affirmation and patience.

    Secondly; learning to take your acquired skills to the golf course is what it is all about. Playing the game of golf is simply reacting to a target (visual & feel). Without knowledge or confidence it is a very difficult to exercise a shot that is required. Through on course instruction and awareness of the player’s strength & weakness the quality of play will be elevated. There is no replacement for experience and mistakes will be made, however these are opportunities to learn. It is important to document your round of golf and through a post round review, the player will be aware of what aspect of their game needs attention to keep them playing at your highest level of skill in association with a trained PGA Professional with 34 years of experience.

    Thirdly; this is competitive golf. This is reserved for only the player with the highest aspirations. Before making this commitment the player should give special consideration into what is required. This endeavor will be extremely time consuming and requires tremendous resources. Trained professionals in other affiliations can and will be necessary (sport psychology, strength training, nutrition, etc….).

    In most every case, playing the game of golf is a form of entertainment and not a livelihood. I am committed to your enjoyment of the game. Golf should be FUN! Through the body of methods you will gain the knowledge, techniques and procedures to play at your highest level possible. I look forward to supporting you and your goals and providing you with the level of service you expect.

C. A. "Hatty" Hatfield, PGA
Director of Instruction, Navy Golf Club

5660 Orangewood Ave.

Cypress, California 90630
Total Balance Player Development, Founded 1997



  • J. Kim Anders / Pole Creek Golf Club / Winter Park, Colorado                                1984 - 89'
  • Harvey Penick / Austin Country Club / Austin, Texas                                                1989 - 90'
  • Dick & Butch Harmon / Fair Oaks Country Club / Houston, Texas                           1990
  • Hank Haney / Haney Golf Ranch / McKinney, Texas                                                 1992
  • Randy Smith / Royal Oaks Country Club / Dallas, Texas                                         1993
  • Dana Ballanger / Four Seasons Resort / Las Colinas, Texas                                  1995



  • Justin Leonard / PGA Tour
  • David Toms / PGA Tour
  • Jamie Hullett / LPGA Tour
  • Jeff Gilbralter / Hogan Tour (aka, Tour)

 Total Balance Player Development



Cypress, California